Tuesday, March 24, 2020

By the Gods!

 Gordon Scott as Mucius in COLOSSUS OF ROME (1964; aka Hero of Rome)

Directed by Giorgio Ferroni, this PEPLUM is very solid. It's a quasi-serious movie in that it's based on an actual person, Gaius Mucius. In fact, after the opening credits, we see text setting up the story and how the movie is dedicated to this 'colossus' of Rome. But many people find historically correct movies boring and therefore this was made into an action-packed adventure, and it takes major liberties with many aspects of the real history of Mucius. In one scene, below, Gordon Scott is seen lifting up big tree trunks which would have been way too heavy for an ordinary man to lift. But these 'Feats of strength' scenes were expected in order to sell PEPLUM movies and this one was no exception. Mucius wasn't Hercules but audiences back then (and today) wanted to see such scenes. Incorporating such 'Feats of strength' in 'serious' PEPLUM movies make them less serious. I still like it and understand, and enjoy, such scenes (I've tons of compilations of such moments) but in this case, was it really needed? Couldn't Mucius just get 5 or 6 guys to let the tree with him?

Of course, Gordon Scott is impressive in this and one could somewhat believe that someone with his physique could achieve such a feat.

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