Thursday, March 19, 2020

By the Gods!

Stuart Whitman as Boaz in THE STORY OF RUTH (1960)

Stuart Whitman died on March 16 at the age of 92. He had a long acting career, in movies and TV. I remember him mainly as a familiar face in TV shows in the 1980s and the horror movie EATEN ALIVE (1976) but he appeared in a couple of PEPLUM movies early in his movie career. He's very good in STORY OF RUTH. R.I.P..

Elena Eden played Ruth. Here, Ruth was castigated by locals when trying to get some water. Boaz fetched it for her.

For a good part of the movie, Stuart appeared on horseback, riding here and there until his character settled down. It reminded me of a Western.

Stuart Whitman in FRANCIS OF ASSISI (1961), also starring Bradford Dillman in the titular role.

Stuart had a small part as the squire to Prince Henri (Roger Moore, not shown) in DIANE (1956)

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Mike said...

my favorite movie with him is: Sands of the Kalahari (1965), even he plays the bad guy in this movie.