Friday, December 27, 2019

Mistakes and goofs in GWENDOLINE (1984)

Here's a small sample of the many mistakes in GWENDOLINE (1984) starring Tawny Kitaen, Brent Huff and Zabou. These screenshots were taken from the new Blu-ray release. It's very good. Not necessarily great but very good nonetheless. BTW, I've noticed these mistakes decades ago so don't blame HD transfer. Many of these mistakes or goofs drive me crazy!

Above and below: A continuity mistake. From one angle, Tawny's hand is above the wire but in the other angle, her hand is below it. This mistake drives me crazy. It's a good scene and yet this glaring continuity issue is unnecessarily distracting.

A side note: just to show how clear the image is, you can see the tiny hole of Tawny's pierced earlobe in the screenshot below.

Above and below: A female warrior is thrown on a set of mirrors. The scene is very brief but it's obvious the woman is a mannequin. Also, you can see the crew, camera and lights in the silver vase. Even more so now in HD.

During the movie's chariot race, one of the female warriors pulling the chariot is in the process of losing her bottom gear. This scene should have been reshot. 

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