Thursday, December 26, 2019

By the Gods!

Maid Marian (Dee Lockwood) is saved by Robin Hood (Ralph Jenkins) in THE RIBALD TALES OF ROBIN HOOD (1969)

The word 'ribald' here denotes 'adult', meaning the movie is peppered with (awkward) sex scenes. Reading some of the reviews at IMDb and you'd think this was a movie of quality. One reviewer wrote that aside from the classic Errol Flynn movie of the 1930s, this one is a close second. I'm like what? The film is pretty much poor: bad acting, bad cinematography, cheap sets, etc. The costumes are all over the place: sometimes okay but mostly looking more like stuff seen at a high school play, well except for Robin's super tight tights which leave nothing to the imagination. Jenkins' fighting skills are pretty good or at least believable but his face wasn't meant to be on screen. He appears handsome in some shots but then in close-ups he looks like below. In the last part of the movie, a plump Maid Marian is tortured endlessly by the villainess (which I can't show here on the blog). The dialogue is more elaborate than most movies of this kind but it's not enough to elevate it from its tawdry soft core qualities. A German - American co-production. Also known as THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD.

"The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood, his Lusty Men and Bawdy Wenches!"

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Scott Ochiltree said...

Sounds truly ghastly.

The plump Maid Marion makes no sense at all in terms of sex appeal.