Friday, December 13, 2019

By the Gods!

Jeffrey Hunter in A WITCH WITHOUT A BROOM (1967)

A rare movie that's almost impossible to get. It was a Spanish production. The story is about a witch who falls in love with Jeffrey Hunter an they go on some time travelling adventure, popping in at different periods of time, including a moment in Ancient Rome. This part of the movie includes two gladiators fighting each other (below). I searched the internet and the only place which used to sell it was the store at the TROMA site. The movie was released on VHS. There are currently two tapes available at eBay and one is going for $220.00 and the other for $250.00!!! There are clips and the trailer on the internet but it's hard to come by if you don't have a copy of the VHS release.

This is not the first movie with some PEPLUM elements even though it's not a PEPLUM movie per se, like THE 10TH VICTIM (1965). And the 'time travelling' or people in contemporary times ending up in some ancient period is also another popular plot device. Gustavo Rojo also stars.

Addendum: I finally found a full copy.


Anonymous said...

Please refresh my memory. What peplum elements are in The 10th Victim?

PEPLUM TV said...

Just one of the best gladiatorial scenes ever filmed

Anonymous said...

Really? I'll have to watch it again. I guess I was so dazzled by Ursula that I forgot about it.