Friday, April 26, 2019

Through the years: The Trojan Horse

One of the most famous myths or stories of Ancient Greece is the fall of the legendary city of Troy with the Trojan horse. Remarkably enough, the story hasn't been told that many times at the movies (like most of Greek mythology). Here's a quick rundown of those few movies and TV series.

The Trojan horse in ADAMO ED EVA (1949), a rare Italian comedy. 

The head of the Trojan horse appeared briefly in ULYSSES (1954). The head is mostly obscured by soldiers standing in front of it. 

Above and below: From LOVES OF THREE QUEENS (1954), the Hedy Lamar project. The Trojan horse makes an appearance in the last story.

The Trojan horse in HELEN OF TROY (1956). Film directed by Robert Wise.

Above and below: The Steve Reeves movie from 1961 is called THE TROJAN HORSE.

The Italian mini-series THE ODYSSEY (1968), in eight one-hour episodes, briefly touched upon the Trojan horse in episode 3. 

The Trojan horse from the TV spectacle HELEN OF TROY (2003)

The elaborate horse design from TROY (2004)


Scott Ochiltree said...

Really outstanding compilation of wooden horses. Directors always included it in movies about the Trojan War. A horse was the symbol of Troy.

THE ILIAD, however, ends with the return of Hector's body to King Priam (no wooden horse!).

The wooden horse comes fully into play in Book Two of Virgil's AENEID. It is also mentioned briefly in THE ODYSSEY and in the play THE TROJAN WOMEN by Euripides.

Anonymous said...

There is also a Trojan Horse flashback in Ulysses with Kirk Douglas.

PEPLUM TV said...

Yes, I knew about the Trojan horse in both cases but their appearance is so brief or not really part of the main story that I didn't think they were worth mentioning. The appearance in ULYSSES is very frustrating since one doesn't get a good view of it.