Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mystery Sophia Loren Photo

I'm such a PEPLUM fan that when I came across this Sophia Loren (above) in some PEPLUM movie set-up, I thought it's not from any of her PEPLUM films. I simply couldn't figure out which film it was. Her early genre productions are AIDA (1953), TWO NIGHTS WITH CLEOPATRA (1954) and ATTILA (1954). TWO NIGHTS has an Egyptian setting, and Sophia plays two role in it which don't like her. In AIDA, Sophia is in dark 'blackface' make-up so it clearly wasn't that film. It only left ATTILA but again, from memory, I clearly remembered that Sophia is not a blonde and never wears such a dress. Sophia is dressed in revealing but classy costumes. I did a Google search for the image which drew nothing. I found a forum on Sophia Loren and after an exhaustive search I finally unearthed the original unaltered copy, seen below. Someone digitally altered the image and removed the title.

So, this is basically a publicity photo for ATTILA which was probably taken before the start of filming since she's totally out of character in this image. Yep, I know my PEPLUM films.

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