Sunday, April 7, 2019

By the Gods!

Angelo Infanti and Amazon warrior Alena Johnston are lovers in WAR GODDESS (1973)

It's an odd outcome when a movie with an almost entirely female cast such as this one and the actor who gives the best performance is the only male lead character, played by Infanti, an actor I knew very little about prior to watching this. Alena Johnson is cute but not much of an actress. The fact that this is her only starring film should tell how good of an actress she was. PEPLUM fave Helga Liné is in this as well but her role is small and sorta pointless. There are some good roles here and there but not as fun as the one by Infanti. The story is filled with obligatory lesbian sex scenes (they are Amazons after all...) but the love scenes which work the best are those with Infanti and Johnston. Infanti appeared in THE GODFATHER (1972) before appearing in this production. I would say the direction by Terence Young was at fault here.

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What is the best available DVD source for this film? I have the one from RetroMedia.