Friday, February 16, 2018

By the Gods!


From left to right: Harold Bradley, Pietro Torrisi, Mario Novelli, Pietro Ceccarelli, Roger Browne, Jeff Cameron and Nazzareno Zamperla.

This is one of the quieter moments of this boisterous Michele Lupo film. It's fun but it's also quite silly. There were many of these types of stories in PEPLUM films: a rogue group of 6 or 7 or 10 men banding together to overthrow an evil ruler.

I uploaded this to PEPLUM TV channel and Youtube has partially censored it (demonetized, meaning it won't be seen to people who don't follow my channel). Why? Because of the words 'Rebel' and 'Gladiators' in the title. Yes. I figured this out as I tested it when the film was still in private mode. When I uploaded it with its full title (and kept it in private mode), it was demonetized. Just as a test, I simply changed the title to 7RG. It suddenly became monetized. So, I made it public and the film was viewable for everyone for two full days. But then Youtube demonetized again. I guess the bots caught on. Since they've banished this upload in the Youtube phantom zone, I thought I might as well re-instate its full title.

Imagine, a channel about, among other things, gladiators and I can't use that word. Youtube is very crazy these days.

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orsh549 said...

Youtube is really all screwed up. I think it is run by a bunch of IDIOTS. I am very fortunate to have this full uncut movie on my Amazon Prime which is an excellent widescreen HD. This truelly a fun and wacky movie. and I love it.