Thursday, February 1, 2018

By the Gods!

Nefer (Bella Darvi) is the obsession of Sinuhe (Edmund Purdom) in THE EGYPTIAN (1954)

Darvi's story is a tragic one. Since I posted her story at the Tragic Stars page (I admit I haven't updated that page in a long time), I won't retell it now but I wonder if her case would fall under the numerous current #metoo stories, started by Bill Cosby and then Harvey Weinstein. Unscrupulous producers, filmmakers and celebrities have existed since the start of the movie industry so none of these stories have been that shocking to me. Aside from film fans, no one remembers her.


Scott Ochiltree said...

THE EGYPTIAN is a disappointing pre-Ptolemaic era Egyptian movie.

LAND OF THE PHARAOHS (with its whipping of Joan Collins and the dramatic sealing of the pyramid) is a much better film.

The most successful movies about Ancient Egypt involve Cleopatra, as the pre-Ptolemaic era is so difficult to relate to.

DeMille's CLEOPATRA (1934) starring Claudette Colbert is a real masterpiece. In my view it is far and away the best move ever made about Egypt.

Anonymous said...

I remember Bella Darvi and liked her very much in her three Hollywood films. She also made the Italian costume picture Pia Of Ptolemy with Jacques Sernas. Bella's big problem wasn't being Zanuck's mistress.
She was a gambling addict and he bailed her out countless times when she was in debt. Even long after their affair was over he continued to pay her debts. When he finally stopped she committed suicide.

I don't understand the negativity toward The Egyptian. It's about as authentic as a movie about Ancient Egypt can be and the story is very compelling.