Tuesday, July 11, 2017

RIP : Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson passed away on July 3rd. He was 90 years old. Good looking and in top form, Joe was seemingly made for the PEPLUM genre. Though he was limited as an actor, he had obvious screen presence and was always a positive addition to any production. Joe retired after appearing as a killer in the James Bond film, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. RIP mighty Joe.


Joe was a supporting player in this film, which was a mistake. He should have been the star. Oh well...he co-starred with Cameron Mitchell (below)


Joe had small part in this super-production. He played a beefy gladiator, favoured by Jack Palance (above). It's a shame his role was so brief because Joe was perfect as a gladiator. Below is Joe with other actors, including Vittorio Gassman and Anthony Quinn. Great photo.

Joe played Ursus in this film. One of the few blond PEPLUM heroes. 


Joe co-starred with Harry Baird in TAUR THE MIGHTY, a pseudo Tarzan-like production which had to change name and title after Edgar Rice Burroughs estate threatened to take the producers to court. Very little of Tarzan remained in the final production. A wacky movie that could only have been made during the PEPLUM craze. It also starred Bella Cortez as the evil Queen (below)


An unofficial sequel of sorts to TAUR. This time the name changed to THOR and it also starred Harry Baird and other actor from TAUR. A battle of the sexes set in some unspecific time in the past. Like TAUR THE MIGHTY, it's very over-the-top and wacky. In other words, very entertaining.

Joe with Primo Carnera in A KID FOR TWO FARTHINGS (1955). Made before the PEPLUM explosion, both men would eventually end up in PEPLUM productions.

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