Thursday, July 20, 2017

By the Gods!

Nando Angelini greets Sandokan (Steve Reeves) in SANDOKAN - THE PIRATE OF MALAYSIA (1964)

Steve Reeves' Sandokan films are fun films, and this one is no exception. Good productions and above average scripts made these winners. In this scene, Reeves receives some clothes and Nando Angelini gives them to him, meeting him for the first time.

Just prior to this moment, a spectacular scene of people bringing the clothes to the royal palace was re-used in another Sandokan film, LE TIGRI DI MOMPRACEM (1970) starring Ivan Rassimov as the titular character.

Nando Angelini appeared in TONS of films in just a short span : over 80 in less than ten years. Before being a fan of the PEPLUM genre, I didn't know his name. Now, I can recognize him on sight.

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