Monday, December 21, 2015

By the Gods!

Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus in KING OF KINGS

Jeffrey was a PEPLUM star with several genre films to his credit, including this big budgeted production some have called "I was a Teenage Jesus." A recent research came out earlier this year  stating that Jesus was most likely not a good looking man. What bizarre research. Anyway, even though I find this film needlessly episodic, I think Jeffrey was underrated as an actor and this film showed he could carry an entire film. 

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Scott Ochiltree said...

This film is generally regarded as noticeably better than the poorly received 1965 "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

Cecil B. DeMille's 1927 silent "The Greatest Story Ever Told" is probably the best portrayal of the life of Christ.

Few others in Hollywood had DeMille's very impressive talent when it came to making big spectacle flicks on Biblical themes. However, William Wyler equaled him with his 1959 "Ben-Hur."