Wednesday, September 30, 2015

By the Gods!

Alan Steel (aka Sergio Ciani) as Millstone (aka Hercules in original) in SAMSON

Alan had a (big) supporting role in SAMSON, with the titular character played by Brad Harris. The two had great chemistry together and they would make another film, FURY OF HERCULES, though Alan's role wasn't as prominent. I wish they had made more films together, with better scripts.

In this scene, Millstone and Samson have been duking it out. Samson fell into a basket of apples, took a bit from an apple he grabbed and throws it to Millstone, who also takes a bit from it. I always thought that scene was, hmm, odd. Definite subtext going on there. Personally I wouldn't eat an apple from which someone already took a bite from.

The pendant he's wearing would be important to Samson later on in the story but oddly enough Samson doesn't notice it now.

Anyway, Alan dyed his hair for this film. He's a redhead and he looks very different with dark hair. The PEPLUM star died recently and I still have the sads.

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