Tuesday, May 19, 2015


PEPLUM X Tuesdays

Kirk Douglas - Rossana Podestà


Scott Ochiltree said...

"Ulysses" is one of the best Peplums ever made, in my view.

Kirk Douglas was perfect in the title role,and all the actresses were first rate.

orsh549 said...

This is also one of my favorites, and it was the second Peplum I saw growing up. I saw it at a matinee about 2 years after it's original release date on the big screen and I was is awe of it. I was 71/2 years old at the time. This movie got me interested in PEPs and I looked forward to seeing as many as I could. All these years gone by and I still love them.

Richard Svensson said...

Though not as polished as later Peplums, I still really like "Ulysses". it's so dynamic, and the rousing ending shows Douglas at his most capable.