Tuesday, April 29, 2014

100th anniversary of the granddaddy of PEPLUM films

April 18 was the 100th anniversary of the release of CABIRIA, not only considered a great film in by itself but also it's the granddaddy of the PEPLUM genre, a film which set the template for the genre in regards to themes, ideas, structure and even characters, including the film to introduce the legendary character Maciste, played by Bartolomeo Pagano.

A new version of the film with additional scenes will be viewed on June 17, 2014.

The following was translated by Google:

Cabiria will have a new first for its one hundred years

On June 17, in the same cinema of April 18, 1914

Happen on the 17th of June, instead of April 18 as it should be. But it will be an event for the first time Cabiria will be shown exactly as in the day of his first appearance. Same scene, same music, same venue, then called Rai quell'Auditorium Teatro Vittorio Emanuele and where he was projected a preview of the first blockbuster film of the story, filmed in Turin, between the Lungo Dora and valleys of Lanzo.

A century later

One hundred years later Cabiria sleek back. The evening of June 17 will be screened in full, with the original scenes shot by John Pastrone and the music composed by Pizzetti. It is the fruit of a long path over ten years. "In 2003, the grandson of Pastrone has found a crate in the basement of documents relating to the production of the film," says the museum's director Alberto Barbera del Cinema. "Pastrone was a meticulous person: noted and kept everything." This finding was essential to the restoration of the film, which took place in 2005. Region has invested 300 thousand Euros to buy the material and donated to the Museum of Cinema who has designed a new makeover after the one made in the '70s. "This time However, we have reconstructed 99 per cent of the original version of 1914, "says Barbera. "Discovering, inter alia, that the restoration of the 70 contained scenes that actually had been added at a later time."

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