Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photo of the Day

Maciste (Reg Park) is given a 'special' wreath by Fazira (Wandisa Guida) in MACISTE IN KING SOLOMON'S MINES

The wreath is unique amongst PEPLUM film's 'Drugging the Hero' cliche: when Fazira puts it on him he becomes dizzy, too weak and faints. The unique characteristics of this wreath is never explained. I wonder if they came up with this idea the same day they shot it. Ah!

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Brrrodie the Westie said...

Gianna Maria Canale and Moira Orfei played evil queens over and over.

But some Peplum actress played mostly supporting roles, then got their lone chances to play the malefic queens ... Wandisa Guida in MACISTE IN KING SOLOMON'S MINES ... Jany Clair in MOON MEN ... Rosalba Neri in CONQUEST OF MYCENAE ... Janine Hendy in THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN ... Mara Berni in FURY OF HERC and SAMSON (all right, those are two, but they're basically the same movie) ... Lisa Gastoni in MESSALINA AGAINST THE SON OF HERC.

Daniella Rocca's lone queen role is Empress Galla Placida in REVENGE OF THE BARBARIANS, although she's a sympathetic character, not evil, and steals the show.

LOVE these gals!