Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Photo of the Day

Claudius Marcellus (Richard Harrison) and Castor (Ettore Manni) try to figure out how an infernal machine works in GIANTS OF ROME

I like this film. I've watched it many times and will watch many more times. It's quite different than the usual stuff made in the day. It feels almost like a 1970s film. It takes place almost entirely in the exterior, with few sets. DUEL OF THE TITANS was also like this and imo the production design/look of this Antonio Margheriti film is more successful than the Sergio Corbucci flick. You *really* feel the struggle and the woodsy/outdoors setting in this. The cast is great; Ettore Manni always gives a great performance while Richard is always believable as an action hero.

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orsh549 said...

I also like this movie and I have watched it many times. It's well paced and the story is well put together. I like this type of PEP because it gives you an idea of how it was 2,000 yrs. ago. Battling an enemy that was hard at times very elusive. I also liked THE SLAVE which was very similar to this movie.

Mr. Banstead said...

I haven't seen "Giants of Rome" or "The Slave".Thanks for the recommendation.

orsh549 said...

I would like to also mention SLAVE OF ROME with Guy Madison & Roseanna Podesta.