By the Gods!

Dan Vadis and Jon Simons in HERCULES THE INVINCIBLE (Hercules in the Land of Darkness ; 1964)

This is one of those Hercules films made just for fun, with nothing to do with Greek mythology or anything to do with the actual Hercules. It's just a (goofy) action movie to please audiences (small kids) with general beefy mayhem, with Simons (his real name: Mario De Simone) playing the Annoying Sidekick. Dan Vadis wasn't a good actor by any means but he knew how to carry himself on screen and was very athletic, doing crazy stuff most other stars didn't dare to do. His barely-there costumes often switches in continuation errors throughout the movie. I have to figure out how to upload this on Youtube.


steven smith said...

The actor's real name is Mario De Simone.

Scott Ochiltree said...

This is exactly the sort of mindless muscle-man non-stop action movie (complete with the annoying sidekick!) that prevents the Peplum and Arabian Nights genres from getting the serious critical respect that at least some films in these categories deserve. No wonder the Peplum genre was essentially dead by 1960.

PEPLUM Cinema said...

Steven, thanks!