Monday, March 26, 2018

By the Gods!

Alan Steel as Hercules (Samson in the original Italian version) in HERCULES AND THE BLACK PIRATES (1964)

It's one of those PEPLUM movies which transcends many genres. It's a PEPLUM but it's also a Swashbuckler. I didn't know if I should upload this to the FIRE & SWORD channel or the main PEPLUM TV channel. I opted for the main channel. It is a movie filled with all the regular PEPLUM clichés, which I love. Someone once told me that Alna Steel (née Sergio Ciani) resembled Liberace. I was like 'What?' Alan is one of many PEPLUM stars from Italy, not the US or elsewhere.

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Scott Ochiltree said...

Wikipedia describes this film as a "pirate-peplum."

Normally I prefer peplum movies to stick to the Ancient WORLD, but this movie is good fun in a totally mindless way.

Italian pirate flicks always get the ships very wrong. I do not know if this reflects budgetary constraints or just plain nautical ignorance.

The recent TV series BLACK SAILS got this ships exactly right. This series was well financed, had access to first rate CGI, and presumably benefited from relatively low cost South African labor.