Friday, December 10, 2010

Future PEPLUM Star : Kevin Perod

Up and coming bodybuilder Kevin Perod. A future in PEPLUM flicks? He doesn't look Greek or Italian but he could play a Conan type of role or certainly URSUS.


Anonymous said...

With some of the competition tanning product on and a good 3-point goatee, he'd make a FINE Greek. Maybe a young Hercules or an Odysseus!

Roc said...

Definetly as well as Denis Duszynski a top notch builder in Los Angeles would be a comparable partner or adversary. Two well muscled young men would be great casting for a variety of action filled ancient tales.

Roc said...

Addendum: It should be "Derek" Duszynski and he is quite formidable in his physique and his own standing..but casting agents check him out!