Friday, April 14, 2023

VHS Covers

Three VHS covers from 3 different countries with little about the actual movie, HERCULES AGAINST MOLOCH (1963). Above is the cover from the UK. The artwork is for SAMSON AND THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE, not MOLOCH. The small artwork on the back cover is from MOLOCH.

Same cover artwork from SAMSON AND THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE in this Swedish VHS release.


Brazilian VHS release has some photos of the movie on the back cover but the front cover has a photo of Gordon Scott from his Tarzan movies. 

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Anonymous said...

Considering that MOLOCH had a great mask, devil claws, witch maidens and Rosabla Neri on his side, he presented more than just an ordinary challenge. This is my favorite peplum. I really hope one day to see a Blu ray release. I won't even tempt fate asking for a 4k release. Love these VHS covers. Thank you.