Friday, April 28, 2023

Quick notes

Last Friday I received the three new German Blu-rays. Visit BY THE GODS! for a quick first impression. 

The image for THE SON OF SPARTACUS is so clear that one can see a difference in who's behind the mask. Is Steve Reeves in both screenshots or one is Steve Reeves and the other is Steve's body double Giovanni Cianfriglia? Is it just a simple question of different lighting? Anyway, it stood out when I watched it.



Blog's stats...

By this time, I usually take some time off. It's been two months since my last break. But I'm postponing the break. The blog's stats have been incredible. Usually, I would get a 1000 to 1500 views a day but not the views average at around 2500 and 3500+ a day, which is amazing! Will it stay like this from now on? Probably not but I'll take my break later in the middle of May.



Ivan said...

Those are Reeves' eyes.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the the second screenshot l would say Steve Reeves, just because of the eyes 👀. I to wish some of these Peplum releases had English dubbed or English subtitles. Wayne W.