Thursday, September 29, 2022


Diomira (Mara Lane), her handmaiden Claudia (Ivy Holzer) and Tercius (Jacques Berthier) watch gladiators practice in 79 AD: THE DESTRUCTION OF HERCULANEUM (1962)

If someone would ask me what's a great looking PEPLUM movie, I immediately think of this one. The movie looks so good that the story is almost inconsequential. Aside from Hollywood productions, this Italian one is in the top. The movie itself is not perfect. For example, the pacing is pretty casual for a movie about the destruction of a city and people. It needed a bit more tension but again the movie looks so good that I don't care. Jacques Berthier makes a great villain. I already profiled him on the blog. Austrian-born Mara Lana is perfect as the story's 'scheming lady.' Mara appeared in only a couple of PEPLUM movies and it's a shame. She was suited for the genre. She would retire from acting two years after this film. I can't wait for the movie to be available in HD. The German DVD, which this screenshot is taken from, is already spectacular so bring on the Blu-ray or HD TV broadcast.

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