Monday, September 12, 2022


 Alfio Caltabiano is a gladiator in SEVEN SLAVES AGAINST ROME (1964) 

The English dub of this movie has been missing forever. Someone on the internet contacted me to say that they had the English version, from a VHS source. I was "Hurray! Finally." Unfortunately, a trade with this fellow didn't pan out. I believe the VHS was from Finland. It wasn't a scam or anything. The fellow was confused and thought I traded in Kung-Fu movies or something like that. Anyway, at least I know the English version IS out there, somewhere. Hopefully, it will show up one day. The screenshot above was taken from a Spanish HD streaming service. Very nice copy but only in Spanish. 


Anonymous said...

It is so strange that the English language version of this film should be missing as it did get a decent theatrical release by Paramount in the U.S.

Greg said...

It's a shame that people insist on trading rather than everyone simply sharing what they have. Like, what does a person gain from hoarding something like that?