Thursday, February 3, 2022

By the Gods!

Queen Deianira (Jayne Mansfield) takes a bath in THE LOVES OF HERCULES (1960) 

This scene is cut in all copies of the movie except for the first official US print ever released on DVD by Trimark video. In European versions, Jayne is already dressed and walks down the elevated platform of the bath. In the US copy, there's an additional 20 seconds or so of Jayne 'appearing' behind the semi sheer fabric of a white sheet. I always wonder why this scene is missing from European prints. A 'Bathing Beauty' scene is pretty much standard in PEPLUM  movies and, imo, Jayne would be a natural in this kind of scene but no, it's cut. I have 8 or 9 different versions of this movie and it's missing from all of them except for the US print. The US print and the European prints are like two different movies and making a Fan Dub of them is nearly impossible. I wrote about this in a previous post. 

I'll upload this scene as 'Clip of the week' next week.

Side note: NETFLIX apparently has a copy of this movie, in English. I'm not subscribed to NETFLIX and I don't know the specs of the print they have. If anyone has NETFLIX, can you check it out for me and see if this scene is included or missing?

Addendum: it seems NETFLIX removed THE LOVES OF HERCULES. It used to be available there. Here's a screenshot of when I uploaded the movie to Youtube, as a test hence Love Test11, and the movie was blocked all over the world by NETFLIX.



Anonymous said...

I have Netflix but when I put in title all I get is Legend of Hercules

PEPLUM TV said...

Thanks for checking NETFLIX. It used to be there since NETFLIX blocked the movie when I uploaded it to Youtube.

Anonymous said...

My search of NETFLIX for "The Loves of Hercules" lists it as an episode of MST3K.

Anonymous said...

You can also see it as "Hercules Vs. The Hydra on Shout! Factory TV:

They also have the other peplum titles from that old Trimark DVD box (probably the same transfers).

PEPLUM TV said...

The SHOUT! Factory DVD pack is just a re-issue and re-packaging of the old Trimark ADVENTURES OF HERCULES DVD pack.

New DVD set is same as old DVD set…