Monday, January 10, 2022

By the Gods!

Kirk Morris and Andrea Scotti in THE CONQUEROR OF ATLANTIS (1965)

This fun movie starts with Kirk Morris wearing the usual Hercules clothes...and looks appropriately PEPLUM but after this and for the rest of the movie, Kirk wears trousers. He looked more impressive in this Hercules gear. I guess this transition was a sign that the genre was dying off. 

Note: I'm aware of Mark Forest. I'll have profile tomorrow.


Silvia said...

Kirk and Richard are the only peplum lead men alive!

Anonymous said...

Is Ed Fury gone too?

Luv chocolate said...

Has any U.S. company put out any decent dvds,meaning picture quality?

Silvia said...

No Ed Fury still with us he is 93 years old!