Monday, October 18, 2021

By the Gods!

Kevin Sorbo, Sean Maguire and Carmen Electra in MEET THE SPARTANS (2008)

Do you think this movie has done irreparable damage to the 300 (2006) look and style? This comedy, like so many other comedies spoofing the PEPLUM genre, is hit or miss, with a lot of emphasis on miss. Anyway, Carmen Electra has a perfect name for a PEPLUM star. And Kevin Sorbo, who starred in the HERCULES TV series of the 1990s, finally wears a costume he should have worn as Hercules but was stuck with anachronistic pants, which always baffled me
. The movie is ranked #25 at the bottom at IMDb


Paul Lewis said...

I found a site that claims to have a link to the Jacob and Eaau movie you were looking for:

I hope this helps,

Paul Lewis

PEPLUM TV said...

The movie linked there is not the 1963 movie.