Thursday, September 23, 2021

By the Gods!

Mark Forest and Dan Vadis duke it out in COLOSSUS OF THE ARENA (1962)

This fight between the two American actors / bodybuilders is long and extensive. It's typical for a boisterous Michele Lupo movie. You'd think this match up between these two big guys would have been considered a classic and yet it's not. I think this scene could have been up there as one of the best in the genre but some things about it don't work, including the actors' terrible haircuts. Vadis looks like Gilligan from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. Same thing happened to him in THE TEN GLADIATORS (1963). And his clothes make him look like he's wearing a big diaper. Unflattering. It had potential to be a classic scene but other scenes top it. Vadis always did his own stunts because the Italian film companies couldn't find a stuntman as tall and as muscular as he was. The use of a stuntman for Mark is quite obvious in this scene, another reason why it's problematic even though it still fun to watch. 

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the best fight ever in a peplum movie was Dan Vadis vs. Alan Steel in Ursus, The Rebel Gladiator.