Friday, July 9, 2021

By the Gods!

Raffaella Carrà in ULYSSES AGAINST HERCULES (1962)

Sad news from Italy. PEPLUM star Raffaella died on July 5 at the age of 78. Her career started modestly in mostly PEPLUM movies and she eventually became a popular singer not just in Italy or Europe but all over the world. She was a 'Babe of the Month' eight years ago here at the blog. And I posted about her legendary career as a singer. She was always excellent in her roles. One of the genre's bright stars. R.I.P., Raffaella.

For more on her career, visit the links posted here.

Raffaella Carrà in CAESAR THE CONQUEROR (1962). One of her best roles. 


Scott Ochiltree said...

Raffaella was really beautiful.

Iván said...

She was a big star here in
South America, even now she's popular. Hope she be in Heaven.