Thursday, June 17, 2021

Different Versions: THE GIANT OF MARATHON (1959)

In today's example of different versions found in my collection, the spotlight is on THE GIANT OF MARATHON starring Steve Reeves and Mylène Demongeot. Brace yourselves.

The movie hasn't been released in any format in HD but it was shown in 1280 HD on TV in France. 

The list goes from highest resolution to the lowest. The best versions are the ones with full widescreen image. So, the French TV broadcast, the US Retromedia DVD, and the Italian trade copies are the most accurate. The others are cropped.

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French TV Broadcast 

French - TV broadcast - widescreen -1280 x 544 - opening credits: French - runtime: 84m 44s - PAL - French only

French Fan Dub / Trade 

French - Trade/Fan Dub - 16X9 - 1078 x 576 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 83m 45s - PAL - French only

French DVD pack 

French - DVD pack - 16X9 - 768 x 412 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 83m 56s at PAL - 3 languages: Italian, French and English.


US - DVD - widescreen - 720 x 304 - opening credits: English - No MGM logo - runtime: 86m 14s - NTSC - English only

Italian TV Broadcast

Italian - TV broadcast - widescreen - 715 x 331 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 84m 37s - PAL - Italian only

Millcreek / Public domain

US - WARRIORS 50 pack (Millcreek) - 4:3 - 638 x 460 - opening credits: English - MGM logo - runtime: 84m 24s - NTSC - English only


US - DVD pack - 4:3 - 624 x 464 - opening credits: English - MGM Logo - runtime: 84m 21s - NTSC - English only

Italian (Trade)

Italian - Trade - widescreen 624 x 256 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 84m 23s - PAL - Italian only 

Greek copy from Youtube

Greek - Youtube - 4:3 widescreen - 450 x 360 - opening credits: English title (different than the original English design) but credits in French - runtime: 83m 54s - PAL - English with Greek subtitles


Trade means I got it from trading with someone. Source unknown.


Gene B said...

I'm a bit of a newcomer to collecting peplum movies on disc, and finding the best versions available is important to me, so your comparisons are greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much for your time and trouble :-)

Gene B said...

Actually, I'm wondering; would it be at all possible to collate all of your movie version comparisons into one section on your site? It would make an excellent feature on your site, I think.

PEPLUM TV said...

Well, since they're 100s of PEPLUM movies in my collection it's going to take a very long time to do this. It's not possible unless I do this as a full time job. lol! I'll do the bigger titles or those with HD versions first.

Gene B said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that you should do more comparisons (great as that would be). I meant that it would be an excellent feature to be able to access all of the comparisons that you've done already, in a single dedicated section of your site.

Thus far, I think I've managed to find four... I'm assuming you've done more, but maybe not?
Whatever, thanks again for your efforts.

PEPLUM TV said...

There is a page. Look at the bottom of the article or on the menu on the left.