Friday, April 2, 2021

SWORD OF THE CONQUEROR score by Carlo Rustichelli

As I stated recently in my Musings!' one thing I've overlooked in the PEPLUM genre are soundtracks. I did embed soundtracks during the beginning of the blog but sota moved on with them but I feel some soundtracks should be in the spotlight. The soundtrack for SWORD OF THE CONQUEROR by Carlo Rustichelli, full of character and verve, even if the movie itself is sorta bland, certainly for a PEPLUM movie with such a cast and director. The annoying part of this excellent soundtrack is the fact that it was used and re-used by other PEPLUM movies after it was release that it has become a sort of a pain. You see, Youtube has copyrighted this score and all movies with the score have been blocked on the platform. That's a lot of titles. Oddly enough the movie itself is still available here and there on some old channels but if one uploads any movie which has this core, it will be blocked. I've had to remove over a dozen uploads from my channel because of this.

Great soundtrack...if a bit overused.

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