Tuesday, April 27, 2021

By the Gods!

Paul Muller and Alan Steel in DUE SELVAGGI A CORTE (1959)

I wanted to write about it for a while but had so many other things going. This rare movie wasn't released in English. The title translates as TWO SAVAGES AT THE COURT. Now if one looks at the IMDb page for this movie, Alan Steel is not credited. Not even under is real name, Sergio Ciani. This movie would be more known if they actually included him in the credits. 
I have to say, Alan looks great in B&W. It's a rare black and white movie shot in widescreen. I have to update my list of B&W PEPLUM titles. Directed by PEPLUM veteran Ferdinando Baldi. It's a gorgeous looking film with a dream PEPLUM cast: Leonora Ruffo, Erno Crisa, Carla Calo, Andrea and Franco Fantasia, Nando Angelini, etc. A true find.

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