Monday, January 18, 2021

PEPLUM TV Facebook

There are two PEPLUM TV accounts at Facebook. Below I'll explain the differences.

This is the official PEPLUM TV account on Facebook. What you see here at the blog is basically the same/ Well, almost. I don't post all the writing I do here at the blog. You can like it and/or follow it.

Then there's the Facebook profile called PEPLUM Channel...

The difference with the Profile and the Page at the top is that one doesn't simply like or follow the Profile but become friends with it. The account has over 2200 friends. You can ask for a Friend request. Initially, this was the original PEPLUM account at Facebook but I created the Page and stopped posting stuff at the Profile...until now. I've restarted it. You can have a Profile without a Page but you can't have a Page without a Profile. Got that?

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