Tuesday, November 3, 2020

By the Gods!

Rossana Podesta and Livio Lorenzon in FURY OF THE BARBARIANS (1960; also known as Fury of the Pagans)

As this screengrab shows, this version is from a HD broadcast of the movie in Italy. The broadcast might have been in HD but the recorded file was not. It's still very nice copy though. More and more PEPLUM movies are getting the HD treatment which is great news. Unfortunately, most of these broadcasts are not in English so the option is to do a Fan Dub but doing a Fan Dub of a movie in HD is problematic, on many levels, certainly on working on such a humongous file size. It makes it almost impossible to do. The only option: for the movies to be released on Blu-ray with the English track included. There have been some, such as the recent THIEF OF BAGHDAD Blu-ray from Germany, but it's still pretty rare. So many dilemmas. Haha!

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Anonymous said...

In addition to the previously mentioned Duel of the Titans, Nefertiti Queen of the Nile is also coming out on Blu-ray from Germany later this month.