Thursday, February 20, 2020


US lobby cards set of PRISONERS OF THE CASBAH (1953) starring Turhan Bey, Gloria Grahame, and Cesar Romero. Since this is a studio-bound movie with a small budget you won't find spectacular scenes in this set. It's mostly disappointing though since Gloria or Cesar are almost nowhere to be seen and if they are they are in the distance. Card no 2 is probably the most sought after card. Below average set for this fun movie.

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Scott Ochiltree said...

PRISONERS OF THE CASBAH has its enjoyable moments. However, I rate it only "B". In some respects it parodies the "sand and scimitars" genre. This is always a mistake in my view.

The problem is that the character played by Gloria Grahame starts out being so spoiled and cruel that it is difficult to sympathize when her situation deteriorates sharply. A more nuanced script would therefore have significantly improved the film.