Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Different Titles: THE MIGHTY URSUS

Today, it's THE MIGHTY URSUS (1961) starring Ed Fury and a host of Italian and Spanish actors. The first of 3 URSUS movies starring Fury and certainly the best. Finding original titles of PEPLUM movies is always a difficult task and this one is no different. The US title, THE MIGHTY URSUS, has never been released.

The title found on the Spanish DVD. It's also the title for the original Italian version but since this was an Italian - Spanish co-production, this title is also considered 'original.'

The title of the US broadcast. It's not the original title when the movie was released to theatres in 1962 in the US. The opening credit is cut short. Only a few names are shown. This title was made using video equipment.

The German title, which translates as URSUS - AVENGER OF THE SLAVES

The French title translates as THE FURY OF HERCULES. Not to be confused by the Brad Harris movie. Though the title has Hercules in it, Ed Fury is called Ursus in the French movie itself.

Ed Fury stars as Ursus

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