Friday, November 22, 2019

By the Gods!

Gianna Maria Canale, as Sabina, arrives in a Roman litter in SPARTACUS - SINS OF ROME (1953)

I recently acquired a virtually uncut version of this movie, in English no less. Unfortunately the audio is horrible so I need to fix it. An additional 20 minutes over the old version available everywhere (which I uploaded to my PEPLUM TV channel). This scene happens at the beginning. It's so great to view the film the way it was meant to be seen. Directed by Riccardo Freda. One of the best PEPLUM movies ever made.

Massimo Girotti (Spartacus) and Canale during one of the film's best moments. The dialogue in the Italian version and the English dub is sorta different even though both are good. Thanks to the beautiful B&W photography, they both look like Greek statues or deities.

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