Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Different Titles: WAR OF THE ZOMBIES

Different titles: today, it's ROMA CONTRO ROMA (1964) starring John Drew Barrymore. The original Italian title was pretty simple and sorta odd, ROME AGAINST ROME, and for the most part, this title was translated in other countries. But not in the US. AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES acquired the movie and re-titled it WAR OF THE ZOMBIES. This title still hasn't surfaced anywhere, on TV or any home video format. The US TV title was different as well, NIGHT STAR, GODDESS OF ELECTRA.

Original Italian title. It's original but sorta hides the fact that this is a horror story.

The International English title.

The French title, same as the Italian title.

The US TV title. Pretty far out.

Since the AIP title is still missing in action, here's a screenshot of the title from the trailer.

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Tim Mayer said...

When I was a teenager, I was excited to see the ELECTRA title show up on the late-night TV listings. I stayed up, expecting to see some new science fantasy movie. Imagine my shock to see a "Hercules" movie pop up on my parents' 19-inch B&W screen.