Tuesday, October 15, 2019

By the Gods!

Luciano Marin, Barbara Loy, Nando Angelini (standing) and Kirk Morris watch dancer in MACISTE - AVENGER OF THE MAYANS (1965)

This movie utilizes plenty of scenes from two movies, COLOSSUS & THE HEADHUNTERS (1963) and COLOSSUS OF THE STONE AGE (1962). The dancers are from COLOSSUS OF THE STONE AGE. Luciano Marin was also in that movie. He returned for the new scenes, bridging the two movies with the new stuff. Kirk Morris was in COLOSSUS & THE HEADHUNTERS and his appearance also bridged the scenes from his previous movie with the new stuff. The entire mess is really fascinating. For example, this scene doesn't make much sense. Barbara Loy is shown as the leader in the new scenes but in these scenes with the dancing girls, there's a leader who's in the background and is never mentioned. For the uninitiated, the whole thing is very confusing and a mishmash but for me, it's interesting how the producers tried to create a movie with different elements. I uploaded the movie at the BY THE GODS! Youtube channel (I don't post videos from my Youtube channels at the blog anymore because of some stalkers).

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orsh549 said...

You are a 100% right when you state cinematic confusion. There must of been very little money in the budget for this mess. I have a question, Do you think this movie made any money? In my opinion this was a true sign that the Peplum era was coming to an end.