Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Paul Wynter, RIP

PEPLUM star Paul Winter died on January 14. He was 83. Even though Paul only made two PEPLUM films, his impact on the genre is undeniable. He won the Mr Universe contest in 1960 and in 1966. He made his two movies in between those wins. I like him a lot and wished he had made more genre movies, with a lead role, as Bangor! RIP!


Paul played Bangor, friend to Maciste (Mark Forest, below), who rescued him from certain death. This is a top notch PEPLUM.

Mark Forest and Paul Wynter as a team worked great in this over-the-top PEPLUM

Paul played the strongman for the Queen (Chelo Alonso). Dante DiPaolo also starred. Another classic PEPLUM film.

Gordon Mitchell with Paul

Powerful Paul carries big Gordon Mitchell on his shoulders!

Double Mr Universe winner Paul chats with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who would eventually star in his own PEPLUM flick,  CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982)

Paul and his wife, Mary. The most recent picture of the actor/bodybuilder

Paul Wynter, RIP


Richard Svensson said...

Oh no; another one gone! Yes, he should've made more movies. I'd loved to see him in a starring role.

Unknown said...

So sad to hear of the passing of Paul, I trained in his gym in Manchester and in his basement gym at his home....RIP Buddy

Anonymous said...

i was a sixteen year old from droylsden, i trained with him for about a year at openshaw (with his bouncer friends), he was a true gent and his wife (dont remember her name) was my father's nurse who would come round and give him his needle.
this was around 1978, i knew his son as well, both really nice people, sorry to here about Paul, i wish you the best, i really do