Friday, January 11, 2019

My latest acquisitions

No DVDs to report even though I've acquired many new copies of titles from the internet (exchanges).

I've been a movie poster collector since I was 14 years old. I've stopped collecting full time and simply collect stuff that I like. So, for today, I'll mention two nice vintage movie collectibles I've acquired.

I purchased a beautiful poster of GOLIATH AGAINST THE GIANTS (1961). It's not a reprint.

I've also purchased a movie book from LUX films and when it's unfolded, there are four upcoming PEPLUM titles: MORGAN THE PIRATE (1960) with Steve Reeves, SURCOUF - PRINCE DES CORSAIRES (196?) with Jean Marais, THE WONDERS OF ALADDIN (1961) with Donald O'Connor and THIEF OF BAGHDAD (1961) with Steve Reeves. It's absolutely gorgeous and in excellent condition. Well worth the paltry $30 it cost.

Now, the second title, SURCOUF - PRINCE DES CORSAIRES apparently doesn't exist. It seems changes were made to the cast: Jean Marais was out and Gerard Barray starred. The crew also changed. This new re-arranged film was released in 1966 as SURCOUF - LE TIGRE DES SEPT MERS. In English, the title was THE SEA PIRATE. So, the poster art with Jean Marais is a rare thing!

And finally, I subscribed to ANCIENT HISTORY magazine and got the printed copy in the mail. I like it but I have to admit that the service from the company was chaotic. The topic: Apollo and Artemis. I haven't read it yet but it's a decent publication. It has a section devoted to how ancient history is portrayed in movies.

That's it for now.

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