Wednesday, November 7, 2018

By the Gods!

Steve Reeves as Hercules in HERCULES UNCHAINED (1959)

I found a rare VHS copy of this film on Youtube. It's from a channel that's 'dead,' meaning there hasn't been any new uploads there in 4 years. The owner must have abandoned it. This copy of HERCULES UNCHAINED was uploaded 7 years ago. It's in English and though it's in 4:3 aspect ratio, it actually included more (compressed) screen info and I was able to un-compress it and make it semi-widescreen. Click here to see the difference. Cool stuff. Youtube is trying to close all of these old channels, including mine. This upload of HERCULES UNCHAINED only has 1600 7 years. The channel is most likely hidden and I came upon it by accident.


Anonymous said...

Will you be uploading your semi-widescreen version to Peplum TV? Wayne W.

PEPLUM TV said...

Hi Wayne

The film is copyrighted when uploaded to Youtube. There are 'issues' with it...since my channel is experiencing problems, I want to avoid these issues

Anonymous said...

I have had a couple of film on my YouTube channel which suddenly have been taken down because people have taken out copyright on them.. One film had been uploaded for about 8 months and then l get a copyright strike!!. Hope you can keep uploading films on Peplum TV. Wayne W.