Tuesday, October 30, 2018

By the Gods!

José Greci in GOLIATH & THE SINS OF BABYLON (1963)

José is one of my favourite actress of the PEPLUM genre. Every time she's in a film, I know it's going to be good. She adds so much to every film, acting or presence. The odd thing about this particular movie, which I like but not enthusiastically, is how plain José looks in it. I always find her beautiful but in this Michele Lupo directed movie, she's plain as can be (and she's the only major female in the entire thing). I don't know if it's the wig, or the lighting, or the costume but she's not shown in her best way. Unflattering angles and close-ups are nothing new in Lupo movies but she worked with the director in two other of his films and appeared much better in those productions. It's an odd thing to see someone as attractive in one film and not so in another. And she's not the only example (men or women). BTW, I tried to find the most flattering scene to take here.


Anonymous said...

Jose Greci is also one of my favourite Peplum actresses. Goliath and the sins of Babylon is one of the Peplum films l recommend to someone who wants to see a good Peplum film. Wayne W.

Brrrodie the Westie said...

It's a great one! This must be the only Livio Lorenzon flick in which he plays a good guy. Every star is in it, it seems, including little Loris Loddi whom you profiled recently.

IMO Anna Maria Polani has a brief but inexplicably uncredited role in the very beginning. She's not even listed in the imbd entry. At about 2:45, as a sacrificial victim between two guards, she breaks away, which causes Mark Forest to get involved helping her escape, beating up on guards and knocking over stalls. It's definitely her, she has her trademark mole on her LH lower eyelid.