Wednesday, October 10, 2018

By the Gods!

Herculanas (Sim Iness) shows his strength in SIGN OF THE PAGAN (1954)

It's one of those scenes with a super strong man who is pitted against the main villain (Attila, played by Jack Palance) to show how ruthless the bad guy is after overpowering him. The tall Sim Iness only appeared in two films. This 'bending metal' moment was made 4 years before HERCULES (1958) but the scene itself is lackluster. His poor acting is not helped with the terrible costume (his small black shield is silly) and the overall bad execution of the scene (look at the framing in this screenshot). The character's name was suppose to hint at a Hercules-like strongman but fails to impress when scenes like this one are suppose to impress.

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