Friday, August 31, 2018

My recent acquisitions

Since my previous post about the books in my library, I've acquired a few additional books and DVDs.

The books:


It was pretty cheap: $8 Canadian!!! Anyway, I found glaring mistakes in it when I perused through it. I'll write about this in a later post.

GUIDA AL CINEMA PEPLUM by Oscar Lapena Marchena.

Interesting Italian book (translated from a Spanish book) even though the images/photos are horrid. Cover photo is quite eye catching. LOL!

MUSCLES, MYTHS, AND MOVIES by Stephen Flacassier

Small book (nearly 70 pages long). The author was kind enough to send a free copy of his work. He warned me that this was printed before the age of the internet and it has obvious mistakes in it. I like that each title has a set of 4 icons explaining in images what the films contain: Muscleman, monster, etc. Good idea. I'll write more about this in a future article.


HERCULES French DVD which is the same print as a previous one released several years ago. Disappointing.

SAMSON & THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE French DVD. Excellent release though it doesn't have an English track.

SLAVES OF BABYLON ; Excellent print. Not disappointed by this at all.

And a various different titles from Sinister Cinema. I won't be reviewing these DVDs.

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Tim Mayer said...

MUSCLES, MYTHS, AND MOVIES is excellent. I bought a copy when it first came out. Great little introduction to the whole genre, although dated.