Friday, August 17, 2018

By the Gods!

Cathia Caro, Luciano Marin and Takis Kavouras in THE GIANTS OF THESSALY (1960)

In this scene, Cathia's character is a stowaway and she expresses her love for Marin who is being punished, as is the character played by Takis (who wanted to rape the stowaway). Both men are tied to the mast while the crew decides on their punishment. 'Tied to the mast' is a definite PEPLUM cliché. I'll make a compilation of this. As a side note, the identity of Takis was unknown for many years (he was credited Taki Karas, many believed was a female name) but thanks to my sleuthing and the help of a few others out there, I was able to determine his identity, mainly from spotting him in other PEPLUM films where he was credited correctly.


Anonymous said...

What other sword and sandal films is Takis Kavouras in? I've often wondered who he was in Giants of Thessaly. Thanks for providing the info.

PEPLUM TV said...

Takis' appearance in THE PIRATE & THE SLAVE GIRL was credited. While I was trying to make a Fan Dub of that film, I noticed him in it. I also noticed him in other movies. From there, his identity became known (with the help of someone else who used to post here frequently).

Takis' PEPLUM films

Anonymous said...

About Takis Kavouras (1931 - 2018) at IMDB:

Also, here is a Greek article "Takis Kavouras: A Pioneer of Bodybuilding in Greece":

His surname in Greek means 'crab'.