Friday, June 29, 2018

By the Gods!

Cornel Wilde and Massimo Serato in CONSTANTINE & THE CROSS (1961)

This is one of the super productions from Italy. Many scenes from this were re-used in other movies. It's also one of those movies with the supporting characters /actors being more interesting than the main character. It's filled with great actors in supporting roles, including Massimo Serato who steals the show from Cornel. Another great support comes from Fausto Tozzi. Serato and Tozzi make me forget about Cornel. Notice the extra standing in the background. He's standing in that famous Roman statue pose. It's funny to see all these little details from filmmakers who try to make their epic film appear more 'Roman.'

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orsh549 said...

Massimo Serato was and outstanding actor not only in Peplums but also in War movies and EURO Westerns, Spy movies also. He had a great part in EL CID and also worked with Heston in 55 DAYS AT PEKING , but his part in the latter movie was much smaller.