Tuesday, June 26, 2018

By the Gods!

Elisa Montés, Alan Steel, Lia Zoppelli and Nino Dal Fabbro in SAMSON & THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE (1964)

Made at the tail end of the PEPLUM genre explosion, production wise, I really like this film: the costumes, the sets, etc, all excellent. It's probably one of the last Italian PEPs that had an elaborate production and didn't re-us stuff like most films made during the end of the PEPLUM trend. Alan Steel (nee Sergio Ciani) was perfectly cast as Hercules. His sense of comic timing was excellent (this is a comedy). At one point in his career, Steel gained some weight (or became less buff) but he lost most of it for this movie. The daughter's character, Omphale, is truly annoying. At first, her hatred of Hercules is funny but her character is one note and her scenes quickly become tedious for the rest of the movie. But Lia and Nino's characters are fun throughout. Fun film with a terrible, unwarranted reputation.

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WrestlePorno said...

Alan Steel’s beefy body is the epitome of the Hercules’ built during ancient times. Beefy muscled and not ripped.

He’s perfect for wrestling.