Monday, May 21, 2018

By the Gods!

Carl Möhner tries to survive against Milton Reid in FALL OF ROME (1963)

The casting of Carl Möhner is interesting. His physique is more average than the super sculpted one we're accustomed in seeing in PEPLUM films. It makes for a nice change. This scene is pretty good. Like other PEPLUM films, Milton Reid is not credited for this taut fight scene. Footage from other films, mainly ALONE AGAINST ROME (1962), were used. This usually bothers me but Antonio Margherita made such good use of the footage that it's one case it's okay this time. Also released under the title CENTURION.

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orsh549 said...

I agree with you 100% that using stock footage for many of the Peplum movies is bothersome. The case of this movie FALL OF ROME, and ALONE AGAINST ROME it really did not bother me at all. I really like both films and I think both had excellent stories to tell. I have watched them both numerous times.